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What is a Reformer and Reformer Pilates?

Simply, the Reformer is a machine which is used to do Pilates, it involves a
moveable carriage and springs and a pulley system which provide resistance
and allows for a large range of movement, more so than on a Mat. Its origins
date back to WWI when Joseph Pilates was working in an infirmary for
wounded soldiers, he rigged up a pulley system to their hospital beds which
allowed them to do some resistance work and this then evolved into a very
modern (and popular) apparatus today!

While it enables us to do most of the Pilates exercises we can do on a Mat, it
also allows for a whole range of new exercises that can only be done on the
machine. The set up of the Reformer also makes it easier to hold our correct
position compared to the Mat.

Benefits of The Reformer

  • There is no impact on the joints so it can be adapted to suit injuries and
    is perfect for rehabilitation work
  • It helps strengthen deep postural muscles, creating improved posture
    which will make you look and feel better
  • Focuses on create breathing and abdominal connection and therefore
    increase core strength
  • It’s a great supplement to other forms of training, you will notice how
    much other activities improve when incorporating Reformer Pilates
    into your weekly routine
  • Focuses on correcting imbalances between both sides of your body,
    bringing awareness that starts from your feet to your head
    Increases your flexibility

Reformer Pilates is an extremely fun and different workout that is unlike anything else…don’t be scared, give it a go and you’ll be hooked!

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