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Our motto is to Educate, Inspire & Encourage. We will help you learn and discover everything you need to know to maximise your Pilates training and safe movement of your body.

Whether you join one of our fantastic face to face classes at our brand new Long Jetty Studio or Register for FREE for our Online classes, we are confident we will deliver one of the best Pilates experiences you’ve had.

So no matter what level you are at in your Pilates skills, we’d love to chat to you and continue to develop your love and appreciation for all things pilates.

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Why Flow Pilates Online?

You’ve heard it all before…

“Drink this much water if you want to maintain a healthy weight.”

“Do these glute exercises 5x a week if you want to get a perky butt.”

“Do this ab workout if you want to get a flat tummy.”

But nobody tells you why.

WHY water has such a direct effect on your weight.

WHY those glute exercises actually work.

WHY those ab workouts actually strengthen your core.

I used to sit through group classes and listen to my instructors tell me how to keep my core engaged, but not why I needed to. I felt like one piece of the puzzle was missing and I’d always walk out of class feeling half-educated on how my body really worked.

Little did I know I was subconsciously building the philosophy of a business that would soon change the lives of women around the country…

Women who want to feel cared for and understood.

Women who want to feel like it’s okay to not have what society deems a “perfect body”.

Women who want to feel a sense of community and support without the intimidation of group classes at a gym.

Women who want to find a type of exercise that strengthens their mind, body, and heart and takes less than an hour commitment each day.

Women who just don’t have the time, access, or money to make it to the gym every day (some of us are raising humans over here).

But most importantly…

Women of all shapes, sizes, and experience.

I decided it was my purpose to create a safe online space where busy women could get access to unlimited workout videos, valuable health information (the information I always craved but never got), and non-judgemental support from women who believe in lifting each other up. A safe space that welcomes all levels of experience – from the very beginners to seasoned pros.

About Kristy - Flow Pilates Founder

That’s why I created Flow Pilates Online Studio. I saw a need, a vision, and I made it my intention to bring it to life. Now I get to help women around the country step into a healthy mind and body through accessible, affordable online Pilates classes.

I’m Kristy, a busy mum of 2 beautiful little girls. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I often struggle with the same negative body images I see many people in the Flow Pilates community struggle with. My community means the world to me and I welcome anyone with open arms.

I started in the fitness industry over 20 years ago as personal trainer. While working and training in London, I was introduced to pilates shortly after and quickly found my passion. I’ve now been teaching pilates for over ten years and my dedication to the practice has never been stronger.

If you’re a mum who simply doesn’t have enough time in the day, doesn’t have access to a gym, or you’d rather stay home than go to a group class and feel intimidated, you’re not alone. Grab your computer, throw on a pair of pjs, and hop on your mat from the comfort of your own home!

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